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Service to Others

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“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” — Muhammad Ali

From coat drives and fundraisers to helping with Meals on Wheels, the team at Leavitt United Insurance Services has been busy this year providing support for their community. Here’s a look at what they’ve been up to:

Camp Fire Victims

Each year, Leavitt United Insurance Services employees choose a local family to purchase gifts and food for. This year donations were given to Camp Fire victims.

Coat Drive for Interfaith

Leavitt United employees participate in the Coat Drive for Interfaith by donating gently used or new coats and cash, which is then matched by the agency prior to donating. This year, a local casino matched all cash donations to help raise $112,000 in one day for the Interfaith Community Social Services.

Big Dreams Universally Accessible Parks

Heather Karney, a Leavitt United customer service representative, launched a fundraiser called “Big Dreams Universally Accessible Parks” with a group of parents of children and adults who are unable to use traditional play equipment due to physical and developmental disabilities. For the past five years, a “Starry Night in White” fundraising dinner was held at a secret location. After holding the event each September for the last five years, the goal of building a park was accomplished this year.

Meals on Wheels

Twelve years ago, the local Meals on Wheels program reached out to local businesses with their need for an annual fundraiser to help sustain the program. Leavitt United stepped up financially and their employees volunteer during the event held annually in August. Julie von Savoye, office manager, co-chaired the event for the first 10 years and continues as an advising committee member. These efforts have helped to raise over 1 million dollars in the past 12 years to keep the program running. In many cases, the meal provided by Meals on Wheels is the only warm nutritious food a senior has daily, and the meal delivery driver is the only person to visit and check on the senior’s welfare.

Adventist Health Sonora

Leavitt United’s office manager, Julie von Savoye, has served on the Adventist Health Sonora committee to raise funds for the local Cancer Patient Support Fund for the past 15 years. An annual gala raises funds to assist cancer patients with a variety of expenses, including transportation, medical co-pays, and even utility or household needs. The goal is to help patients feel love and support from their local community. In addition, Leavitt United and agency employees donated to the capital fundraising campaign that helped build a state-of-the-art cancer pavilion in 2018. The pavilion treats cancer patients in their own community to save them from traveling and the additional discomfort, financial burden, and stress.

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