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Leavitt Group Conference Awards

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Awards were given recently during Leavitt Group’s annual conference held this year in Garden Grove, California.

Agency Excellence Awards – Leavitt Great West Insurance Services, Leavitt Insurance Agency, L.R. Webber, Leavitt Group of Northern Utah, Archibald Insurance Center, Leavitt Group Insurance Agency of Vernal, Randy Jones & Associates, Hancock-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Leavitt Heartland Insurance Services, Lower Valley Brokers, Nasburg Huggins Insurance Agency, and Still & Leavitt Insurance Agency
Agency Excellence Awards – Briggs-Yardley-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Ferguson-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Stephens & Hobdy Insurance, Dixie Leavitt Agency, Fahey-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Leavitt Group Southwest, Shook-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Wasatch-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Kellogg-Ewing-Leavitt Insurance Agency, GBS Benefits, Day-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Nebo-Leavitt Insurance Agency, and Starley-Leavitt Insurance Agency
Agency Excellence Awards – Butler-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Leavitt Group of Portland, Farmer Woods Group, Okerlund, Sorensen & Leavitt Insurance Agency, Leavitt Insurance Agency of Central Utah, Ewing-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Lincoln-Leavitt Insurance Agency, CIA-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Leavitt Group of Northern Arizona, Leavitt Insurance & Central Bond Services, Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance, Pacific Risk Management, Inc., and Smith & Leavitt Insurance Services
Agency of the Year – CIA-Leavitt Insurance Agency
Agency of the Year – Dixie Leavitt Agency
Agency of the Year – Nebo-Leavitt Insurance Agency
Billy Bond received the Chairman’s Special Citation”award
Mike Evans received the “Chairman’s Award”
Leavitt Insurance Agency’s JoAnn Zohner received the “Sandra L. Maxwell Account Manager of the Year” award
GBS Benefits received the “Excellence in Sales Culture” award
Leavitt Insurance Agency’s Tim Woodruff received the “Bert J. Leavitt Producer of the Year” award
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