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Leavitt Group and Fireman’s Fund Award Grant to Evergreen Fire Rescue

The Leavitt Group and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company will donate $5,000 to Evergreen Fire Rescue during a public event on Saturday, March 31, 2012. The donation will be used to purchase fire-resistant clothing to be worn when responding to emergencies, such as fires or major vehicle crashes. Specifically, this donation will fund three sets of gear, including helmets, coats, and pants. This equipment protects from exposure to chemicals, heat, and flames.

“This gear is crucial for protecting our firefighters so they can rescue trapped victims and fight fires in toxic environments,” said Fire Chief Craig Williams. “This grant enables us to satisfy our most basic mission: saving lives. In terms of personal protection, a firefighter’s safety is only as reliable as his or her gear.”

The Leavitt Group’s Recreation and Hospitality Insurance (LRHI) agency partnered with Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company to donate the grant. As an agency with campground and RV Parks for clients, LRHI has customers that are very aware of the service provided by their rural fire departments. Many LRHI customers are located in scenic, remote areas and are exposed to risks of forest fires in addition to structural fires. With so many deserving fire departments across the nation, LRHI solicited names from customers at state and national conventions and online. Rocky Mountain Hi RV Park and Campground submitted the nomination for Evergreen, which was selected in a random drawing.

“The campgrounds really came out in support of their local fire departments,” said Chris Hipple of LRHI. “We were happy to be a part of the process to provide the much-needed gear to Evergreen.”

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