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Leavitt Group Agencies Combine Capabilities, Re-brand As One

The Leavitt Group announced they will combine the capabilities of six of their California agencies along with their Las Vegas, Salt Lake, and Atlanta offices to further their commitment to provide an extremely high level of service, experience, and large-scale resources to their corporate clients. These agencies will re-brand collectively as the Leavitt Group.

The California agencies include Jenkins Insurance Services, Pridemark-Everest Insurance Services, Valley Insurance Service, Leavitt Benefits Insurance Services of Southern California, Leavitt Insurance Services of L.A., and Leavitt Insurance Agency of San Diego. Other participating agencies include Leavitt Group of Atlanta in Georgia, Leavitt Group Insurance Advisors in Utah, along with Leavitt Insurance Agency and Leavitt Group Benefits Services in Nevada.

“Every year businesses are asked to do more with less,” said Curt Perata, President of Business Insurance for Jenkins Insurance Services. “As a privately-held company, we are committed to filling those gaps for our customers and building, not eliminating, the resources that corporate clients should expect from their broker.”

With the combining of capabilities, the Leavitt Group has enhanced the resources available to corporate clients, including loss control and prevention, claims management, and maintaining high support staff levels. The Leavitt Group’s experience and resources will be leveraged across the offices.

In addition, this strategy has allowed the Leavitt Group to leverage deep insurance company relationships on behalf of their clients.

“When the underwriter at the insurance company truly understands the business of our clients, we are able to bring more negotiating power to the table,” said Mark Russ, President of Leavitt Insurance Services of L.A. “We make sure we are talking to the right underwriters, who also have knowledge in our clients’ operations, and that the relationship extends to them.”

“Because of its nationwide presence, combined with a distinctly local footprint, the Leavitt Group is uniquely positioned to provide the resources and experience of the largest insurance brokerage and risk management firms but with the personalization and service that has long been Leavitt’s hallmark,” said David Bashford, President of the Leavitt Group’s Salt Lake City office. “Expanding Leavitt’s work for larger clients with distinct and complex concerns is a natural extension of the Leavitt Group’s long legacy.”

“We know we have a winning strategy, and our combined operations will only enhance our ability to fulfill new or unmet needs of large corporate clients,” said Angelo Maroutsos, president of PrideMark-Everest Insurance Services.

The Leavitt Group provides a complete portfolio of insurance, risk management, and employee benefits solutions to their clients. The Leavitt Group has 115 offices across the United States and is the 2nd largest privately-held brokerage. Clients receive greater insurance market access, specialty products, and a wide-range of insurance programs, such as property and casualty risks, employee benefits solutions, and individual insurance. Clients also benefit from the consultative approach to risk management found within the culture of each office and the unique flexibility that comes with local, on-the-ground agency owners.

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