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DataSmart Solutions Named a 20 Most Promising Healthcare Analytics Solution Provider

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DataSmart Solutions makes to the list of “20 Most Promising Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers 2016” by Healthcare Tech Outlook.

“The companies selected for our 20 Most Promising Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers 2016 list are an elite group of companies whose products and solutions are changing their respective industries,” said Alex D’Souza, Managing Editor of Healthcare Tech Outlook. “We are proud to feature DataSmart Solutions in this edition for its range of revolutionary solutions that is setting a new benchmark in the healthcare analytics arena.”

DataSmart Solutions is ranked by Healthcare Tech Outlook based on its specialties in data warehousing and analytics. It also provides The DSS Clinical Solutions Tool (CST) that includes online reporting and readily-accessible flat files to facilitate precise financial control and effective risk management. Our online HRA provides an initial, instantaneous health risk evaluation for in-office, in-clinic, or in-pharmacy settings by collecting and analyzing data from persons completing a specific health questionnaire. The DataSmart Provider Efficiency Tool® (PET) enables financial and risk managers to optimize network formation and includes care density analyses to capture and report network efficiency. Click here to view the full article in Healthcare Tech Outlook.

About DataSmart Solutions

Founded in 2008, DataSmart Solutions is experienced in helping healthcare-facing industries with data warehousing, higher powered predictive analytics, superior industry resources, and a proven track record of saving clients’ customers from spending more money than competitors. DataSmart Solutions has built the relationships and data pipelines to gather, compile, and analyze organizations medical data to make better decisions leading to a return on healthcare dollars. For more info, visit:

About Healthcare Tech Outlook

Published from Fremont, California, Healthcare Tech Outlook is a print magazine, which features CIOs, ITVPs, CTOs, and other decision makers sharing their insights and perspective on healthcare industry. A panel of experts, technology leaders and board members of Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine has finalized the “20 Most Promising Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers 2016” and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants in the healthcare industry. For more info, visit:



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