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Corry Insurance Joins Dixie Leavitt Agency

Cedar City, UT – Mike Higbee has recently purchased Corry Insurance Agency and will merge his book of business with the Dixie Leavitt Agency. He will now join Dixie Leavitt Agency as a managing co-owner with Rex Day, Russell Fitzwater, John Froyd, and Leavitt Group Enterprises.

The operations of the Corry Insurance Agency office will move to the Dixie Leavitt Agency at 115 North Main, Cedar City, Utah. Dixie Leavitt Agency and the staff of Corry Insurance Agency look forward to continuing their service to clients.

“I’m very excited about this transaction,” said Mike Higbee. “I look forward to serving the Corry Insurance clients, and working with the great staff at Dixie Leavitt Agency.”

Corry Insurance Agency was established in 1939 by Elwood Corry. Steven Corry, who owned the business for the past 30 years, is pleased with the transaction as he prepares to serve an LDS mission.

Dixie Leavitt Agency is the first Leavitt Group agency. It began in 1952 with Dixie Leavitt as the original managing owner. As the agency grew and partnered with other insurance agencies, Dixie Leavitt created the Leavitt Group, which is the 17th largest insurance brokerage in the United States. The Leavitt Group’s corporate headquarters have remained in Cedar City since the Leavitt Group was founded.Dixie Leavitt Agency provides all types of insurance, risk management, and financial services to individuals as well as businesses.

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