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2015 Annual LGAA Conference Award Winners

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The 37th Annual LGAA Managers Conference was held this year in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The following were recognized with awards during the conference:

Agency of the Year Award Winners:

MainStreet Agencies

Butler - Agency of the Year
Winner: Butler-Leavitt Insurance Agency (Pictured: Brian Sawyer) Presented by: David Broadbent, Vance Smith, Joe Callister, and Eric Leavitt

Business to Business Agency of the Year

Winner: Leavitt Group of Spanish Fork (Pictured: Mike Vowles) Presented by: Cassidy McCullough and Caylor Dalley

Unified Practices Agency of the Year Award

Berrian - Agency of the Year
Winner: Berrian Insurance Group (Pictured: Joel Berrian) Presented by: Vance Smith, Chris Utterback, Eric Leavitt, and Joe Callister

Chairman’s Award

Chairman's Award - Jared Whittaker
Winner: Jared Whittaker, Leavitt Group Central Presented by: Dane Leavitt

Agency Excellence Awards

Agency Excellence_Mainstreet
Pictured winners: Debra Yardley, Brian Sawyer, Jeric Leavitt, Vicki Banker, and Sam Carrick. Winners: Shook-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Randy Jones & Associates, Okerlund, Sorensen & Leavitt Insurance Agency, Nebo-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Lower Valley Brokers Insurance Agency, Kellogg-Ewing-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Ferguson-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Day-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Briggs-Yardley-Leavitt Insurance Agency, and Atkinson-Leavitt Insurance Agency Presented by: Vance Smith, Joe Callister, David Broadbent, and Eric Leavitt

Business-to-Business Agency Excellence Award

Pictured winners: Ryan Woolverton, Wade Leavitt, Dan Bowers, Dwayne Speegle, Alma Franzoy-Capron, Alyce Hillman, Rick Zarosinski, Dave Johnson, Adam Christensen, Millie Howle, Aaron Cottle, Terry Hayes, Steve Ewing, and Bryan Brenning Winners: Leavitt Group of Spanish Fork, acific Risk Management, Leavitt Insurance Agency, Leavitt Group Southwest, Leavitt Group of Portland, Leavitt Group of Boise, Leavitt Group Four Corners, Leavitt Group Benefit Services, Ewing-Leavitt, Dixie Leavitt Agency, CIA Leavitt Insurance Agency, Archibald Insurance Center Presented by: Caylor Dalley and Joe Callister

Unified Practices Agency Excellence  Award

Agency Excellence_UPA
Pictured winners: Angelo Maroutsos, Rob Eppers, Vlad Chemadurov, and Joel Berrian Winners: Berrian Insurance Group, Risk Services of Louisiana, Leavitt Insurance Services of Southern California Presented by: Chris Utterback, and Joe Callister

Top New Producers

Top New Producers
Pictured winners: Riley Holman, Mike O’Neil, Parker Le Cates, Mark Winterton, and Jason Mull Winners: Evan Jackson, Randy Jones & Associates, Mark Winterton, Leavitt Group Insurance of Vernal, Chris Duncan, Farmer Woods Group, Jason Mull, Leavitt Group Insurance of Vernal, Pam Skidmore, Randy Jones & Associates, Kris Feragen, Leavitt Great West Insurance Services, Kevin Lundstrom, Leavitt Great West Ins. Services, Parker Le Cates, Leavitt Group Benefits Services, Mike O’Neil, Whitfield-Leavitt, and Riley Holman, Dixie Leavitt Agency Presented by: Vance Smith, Eric Leavitt, and Dane Leavitt

Sandra L. Maxwell Account Manager of the Year Awards

MainStreet winner: Rhonda Casteel

Business-to-Business winner: Rhonda Gimler


Unified Practices Agency winner: Alisa Myatt

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