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10 Ways to Get Organized

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Along with the new year comes an increased motivation to get organized, set goals, and make a clean start. Now is a great time to do just that — let’s get started. 

Get organized!

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips for getting organized along with some article links you might find helpful. 

1. Don’t let the size of the project keep you from getting started. Start with something small, focus on that, and then move on to something else.

2. Use containers you already have on hand to store similar items together. Get creative with assorted boxes, containers, mason jars, resealable plastic bags, and shoe boxes. 

3. Use labels to clearly identify what is in closed containers. Write directly on the container with a permanent marker, or use masking tape or printed labels.

4. Allow yourself a “junk” drawer. Make it better by fitting it with smaller containers that will bring order to all the odds and ends!

5. Stop paper clutter in its tracks. When you bring the mail in, take a few minutes to sort through it and immediately throw out the junk. You may not have time right then to deal with the important pieces of mail, but it will help to thin things out so your mail pile only includes legitimate items that need your attention.

6. Watch out for clutter hotspots. Places where out-of-place items tend to accumulate quickly include the kitchen sink and counters, entryway table, night stands, and dresser tops and drawers. Give these places special attention on a daily basis before the clutter gets out of hand.

7. Clean up regularly. Set aside 15 to 30 minutes each day to declutter and clean up. Don’t let messes carry through from one day to the next or they’ll compound and be out of hand before you know it.

8. Organize your workspace (your office, your computer desk, your kitchen, your workshop, etc.) so that everything has a place and you know exactly where everything belongs.

9. Keep your to-do lists, reminders, and appointments in writing. Once you put it in writing, you can free up your mind to think about other matters rather than always trying to remember “what was I supposed to do today?” or “what appointment did I have this afternoon?”

10. Don’t let digital clutter get in your way. Turn off unnecessary email and social notifications on your phone and computer so you are not constantly interrupted each time an email or social message comes your way.

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