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Volunteer with Intention and Purpose

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Content provided by the Health & Wellness Team at GBS Benefits

Expand upon the concept of intentional living by volunteering with purpose. Give your time and energy to causes or organizations that fit your values. Craft the life you want by making space for what matters to you through volunteer work.

Time is arguably one of our most limited resources. Being intentional about where and how you spend your time determines the life you manifest. Here are suggestions to help you get started.

Identify your values and personal skills. Understanding what you bring to the table will help determine where you are most valuable. Ask yourself the following questions: What motivates you? Where do you feel you excel personally and professionally? What personal skills are you strong in? What personal skills could use improvement? Knowing what you are passionate about and how your personal skills are useful will help guide your volunteer work.

Understand the community. To serve well and with impact, become informed about the community you are seeking to serve. What issues are there to solve? What has been done in the past? Connect with established organizations, attend government meetings, read local news, talk with faith leaders, and get to know people. When you enter a community with the mindset of bringing value, understanding perspectives, and developing relationships, your efforts are more realistic and responsive.

Research. Research what other communities have done or are doing to help similar issues. What has worked well or needs to be improved from their efforts? Use findings to guide your approach to service opportunities.

Build and nurture relationships. Effective service opportunities involve building partnerships and relationships. Connect with others and learn about their passions and skills. Working toward common goals is a great way to build lasting friendships.

Reflect. Don’t forget to reflect on your experiences. Did you feel fulfilled? Did this activity satisfy your need to serve with intention and purpose? What did you learn?

If these steps feel overwhelming, start with something small such as serving a family member or neighbor.

“The purpose of knowing yourself and living truer to your values is to be able to better contribute to a world that is better for all of us.”


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