Healthy Habits

Pump-up Your Social Life

Content Provided by the GBS Health & Wellness Team

July is social wellness month and is a great opportunity to take charge of social health by nurturing relationships with friends, family, and others. Reconnect with an old friend, connect with those who share similar interests or hobbies, and make commitments you can stick to.

Physical – Exercising with others can benefit physical and social health. For that next workout, grab a friend and take time to catch up, encourage one another, and get healthy along the way.

Intellectual – Studies show learning something new may rewire the brain. Take learning a new activity as an opportunity to learn from others and meet new people.

Emotional – Research shows that people with hobbies may have less stress and an improved mood. Connect with others by joining a group that focuses on a hobby or favorite interest that is enjoyable and interesting.

Social – Explore ways to connect within the local community to meet others and stay involved. Consider organizing a cleanup at a nearby park or host a neighborhood garage sale.

Environmental – Turn cleaning up into a game when departing from a camping trip. Make an impact by packing out trash and cleaning up anything that was left behind by prior campers.

Financial – Save money and get creative with summer workouts. Take it outdoors and consider meeting others at a local park, a fun hiking trail, or a school track for laps and stadium stairs.

Fun Fact: People who maintain a social network and support system do better under stress.

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