Healthy Habits

Ideas for Networking

Content Provided by the GBS Health & Wellness Team

Strong, healthy relationships are crucial to overall well-being and happiness, but sometimes a little nudge is needed to branch out. Try utilizing these tips to pump up your social life and reconnect with old friends or spark a connection with new ones.

Plan a Virtual Lunch 

Invite a coworker or a small team to join a virtual lunch. Talk about non-related work items and get to know one another better. This can be a great opportunity to find common interests or create new friendships.

Join a Club

Participating in a club can be a fun, creative way to connect with others over a shared interest or favorite hobby. There are a variety of clubs for different interests, such as biking, running, hiking, books, gardening, computer science, and crochet/knitting, to name a few. Check out sites such as, or for ideas on how to meet other local individuals who share a mutual hobby or interest.

Host a Virtual Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party can be a comfortable way to meet others within the community. Hosting is also a great way to bring together old friends, while connecting with new friends, in a way that feels familiar and non-threatening.

Take a Class

Have an interest you’ve never explored? Look for a class to learn something new. A variety of classes in the community are easily accessible online or in-person. Google “local classes near me” and explore what activities may be of interest.

Say “Yes”

It is easy to turn down an invitation in order to stay in a familiar comfort zone. Trying new things may seem scary but are also important to enhance the quality of one’s social life. Next time someone extends an invitation, say “yes,” regardless of uncertain feelings. It may lead to new and exciting friendships or opportunities.

Don’t Fear Rejection 

Trying new things and making new friends can be very intimidating. Many times, we do not take the risk out of fear of rejection. Take a leap of faith. If a new activity does not come as easy as anticipated, just keep practicing. If a new acquaintance turns down an invitation to lunch, there may be another individual who would love the invitation.

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