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How to Be an Intentional Friend

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Making and maintaining friendships as an adult can be hard. We don’t always have the same opportunity or carefree spirit as children, but friendship is a priceless commodity that is worth working to create, mend, and maintain. Work toward creating intentional relationships with the people in your life. Be purposeful with your choices and how you spend your time as well as how you relate to other people. Being a good friend takes intention and effort.

Not sure where to start?

Complete at least two of the suggestions below and see how they help develop intentional friendships.

  • Make a list. Create a list of people you want to get to know better and identify why you want to grow closer to them. For each person you list, write down five things you can do to positively impact their lives.
  • Adopt a social media mindset. Social media is a big part of friendship these days. Reply or comment to what people share. Help them feel seen and justified. Unfollow or mute profiles that don’t bring you joy.
  • Spend quality time. Something as simple as a phone call can strengthen relationships and remind others you care. Spend time with others on their favorite activity, chatting, or even helping them with an unfinished project. Let them know they are cared for and loved by spending your time completing simple acts of service.
  • Learn love languages. Show gratitude for someone’s help, support, or presence in your life. Be specific and express appreciation through that individual’s love language. If you’re unsure of an individual’s love language, ask them! Learn something new about your friend and how to connect with them in a new way.
  • Laugh together. Friends have a genuine interest in each other’s happiness. Humor is one of the most powerful tools in any friendship, and it can be used to overcome difficult situations, diffuse tension, and simply enjoy each other’s company. Find the humor in embarrassing situations, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Recall funny memories, tell jokes, and share humorous videos with your loved ones to strengthen that bond.
  • Connect with others. Reach out to people from your past who made an impact on you. Write them a note, tell them what impact they made, and thank them for it. This may remind you to draw these past relationships back into your inner circle or it may just remind you of what you should be doing in other people’s lives.



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