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Sending Holiday Cheer

Content provided by the GBS Health & Wellness Team

Due to the economic challenges many are experiencing this year, try sending cheer versus spending on cheer this holiday season. Here are a few tips and tricks to stay within budget without having to sacrifice holiday cheer this year.

Buy Small

Now, more than ever, small businesses are in need of help. Put money back into your community this holiday season and give a gift not only to a loved one, but to a small business owner, too.

Roughly 43% of small businesses had to close temporarily due to COVID-19.

On Sale

Do some comparison shopping or wait until an item goes on sale before purchasing. The Monday after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday – the internet version of Black Friday. Keep tabs on what deals your favorite stores and shops will be offering on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and shop accordingly.

Did You Know? Almost 90% of retailers offer some sort of Cyber Monday promotion. This year more than ever, online shopping is predicted to be a main mode of holiday shopping. Be financially smart by sticking with a budget and researching when certain items will have the best deals.


Homemade gifts are meaningful, creative, and personal. Try utilizing a new craft learned in quarantine this year as a gift to a loved one. If crafts are not your area of specialty, try finding a homemade gift on Etsy and support independent creators worldwide.


Give the gift that keeps on giving! Subscription boxes are a great gift option that can be sent to a loved one on different time frequencies, such as monthly or quarterly. There are many different subscription box services and price ranges to suit your budget and the changing needs of your loved ones. Look here for the best subscription box services of 2020.


What may arguably be the best and least expensive gift this holiday season, is the gift of YOU! Instead of spending money on a material item, give the gift of presence and quality time. This can be in the form of seeing a loved one in person or setting up a fun Zoom call. Get creative, send their favorite meal, plan to play a game, or enjoy a movie in their company. The gift of personal time carries more power and sentiment than one may think!


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