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Have a “Hygge” Holiday

Father and son enjoying Christmas holidays at home

Content provided by the Health & Wellness Team at GBS Benefits

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Spreading the appropriate amount of Christmas cheer through parties, decorations, and the perfect gifts can be exhausting and expensive. When we strip away the frivolities and commercialism that surround the holiday season, we are often left with good people, quality conversations, and stronger relationships.

How can we balance the festivities and make sure to focus on these deeper things? The Scandinavian people might suggest we embrace their hygge concept. Hygge (hew-gah) is a term used to describe a feeling of contentment, comfort, and connection. It means taking pleasure in the presence of warm, gentle, soothing things and enjoying the present with loved ones.

Scandinavian winters are known to be long and dark. Hygge was traditionally attributed to the Scandinavian feeling of finding warmth and shelter after a long day working in the freezing cold. Some describe the hygge lifestyle as “opening your heart to the special appeal of simple, cozy moments, when everything just falls into place and you feel safe, warm, and happy.” This environment is ideal for creating a meaningful holiday, focusing on what really matters. Have a hygge holiday by incorporating the following suggestions:

Choose the right company. Take stock of who you surround yourself with. Protect your time and mental health by setting boundaries and choosing positive, happy people to spend the holidays with. Simply enjoy the company of friends and family who buoy you up this season.

Enjoy the little things. The trend of implementing hygge into your home design has started to lead some people towards thinking the hygge definition involves overhauling your home by purchasing new decor. However, it’s not actually about extravagance or buying new things. Instead, enjoying hygge means focusing on making the most of the little things you already have. Treat yourself to your favorite warm drink or indulge in a bubble bath.

Simplify. Try to avoid overscheduling yourself during the holidays. Create a list of the traditions you want to complete and be realistic of the time you have. Consider swapping favorite Christmas memories rather than gifts this year.

Focus on mindfulness. Pause and reflect on what is going on around you. Be mindful of the people you are surrounding yourself with and the media you consume. Find time to slow down and enjoy your favorite hobbies.

Immerse yourself in a hygge holiday this year that centers on what truly matters. Create a feeling of contentment during your holiday season by completing at least one of the above suggestions.


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