Healthy Habits

Emotional Health – Being Mindful

Content provided by the GBS Health & Wellness Team

Welcome to May, also known as National Mental Health Awareness Month! One in five people experience mental illness at least once in their lifetime, and everyone faces daily challenges that can impact mental health. Use this month as a time to be mindful and reevaluate personal choices that may be affecting your personal mental and emotional well-being.

Physical – Research shows that those who incorporate strong routines into each day have improved mental and physical health. Create a healthy routine around exercise, nutrition, and sleep by organizing a daily pattern to make it easier to get difficult things done.

Emotional – Make an effort to be mindful throughout the day. Focus on bringing attention to simple tasks such as taking a shower or washing the dishes to reduce anxiety and stress.

Intellectual – There are many types of therapists including psychologists, social workers, certified mental health counselors, and marital/family therapists. Learn about ways to access mental health care and, if applicable, research the best source of help for your individual situation.

Financial – Financial worries can add strain to mental and emotional wellbeing. Make a plan to increase savings, eliminate unnecessary debt, or meet with a financial advisor to reduce stress.

Environmental – Spending time in nature can help to provide a sense of calmness. Go for a walk during the lunch hour or after work, and soak in the benefits of sunshine and fresh air.

Social – Focus on creating boundaries and being surrounded by people who are invested in genuine, positive friendships.

Fun Fact: Social connections have a significant impact on mental well-being. Research shows that on average it takes 50 hours for someone you don’t know well to turn into a casual friend. Invest the time to transform relationships from acquaintances to friends.

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