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Halloween party for kids

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Halloween celebrations are usually centered around good-natured fun, but the festivities can be damaging to your finances if you’re not careful. Approximately $9 billion is spent on Halloween each year in the United States.

Don’t scare your budget this year by following these tips.

Halloween Entertaining

  • Create a budget and stick to it. It’s easy to get carried away when hosting or attending a holiday party. Buy supplies beforehand to avoid any last-minute splurges.
  • Recruit others to split the cost by asking them to bring decorations or food. Consider a BYOC (bring your own candy) request to contribute to the fun.
  • Reuse decorations from past Halloween celebrations. Shop the clearance section or hit up your local dollar store for decorations. Don’t be afraid to get crafty! Utilize online printable templates or make some festive décor!

Cost Conscious Costumes

  • Get creative and try your hand at making a costume. Be thrifty and utilize what you already have or shop at a local consignment or thrift store to save on costs.
  • Swap costumes with friends or pool your resources to help each other find the perfect outfit.
  • Switch a mask for makeup to add a unique twist to your look and save some extra money.
  • Tip: search YouTube tutorials for Halloween makeup ideas.


  • Drive around town to see the changing fall colors and outdoor Halloween decorations.
  • Take advantage of free activities within your community.
  • Save money on Halloween treats by baking. Try roasting pumpkin seeds or making pumpkin cookies!
  • Schedule a night in and watch a spooky Halloween movie.
  • Don’t forget about pumpkin carving or painting! It can be a fun and cheap activity with the average pumpkin costing less than $5.
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