Healthy Habits

Community Connection Checklist

Content provided by the Health & Wellness Team at GBS Benefits

Complete at least three of the action items below to build a stronger connection with your community!

  • Instill a sense of pride for your community. List three things you feel your community is doing well.
  • Donate to a charitable cause or local nonprofit. This is a simple yet effective way to give back with tools that make a difference.
  • Plant a tree or a flower. Share the beauty of nature with others.
  • Pay it forward with an act of kindness. Next time you are mowing your lawn, or bringing the trash can in from the curb, consider doing the same for a neighbor. This simple gesture can brighten someone’s day.
  • Get organized. If you’re up for it, host a BBQ, potluck, book club, or block party. Schedule park play dates or create a walking group.
  • Research community events and participate in one. Join the local city council or school board. Consider going to a local music or art fair, farmers market, or block party. Finding local events that you can participate in is a great way to get to know your community. Getting involved in your community also allows you to take pride in its success and celebrate its victories.
  • Volunteer your time by helping at local community organizations. Schools, hospitals, retirement homes, community centers, or sporting organizations are just a few places that frequently look for volunteers
  • Look up! When walking your dog or heading to the car, take a moment to look up from your phone and glance around the neighborhood. Take a moment to strike up a conversation with a neighbor or make eye contact and smile at those heading to work or watering their plants.
  • Organize a community clean up. Chances are the local park, beach, or neighborhood street could use a little TLC. Gather a group of friends and neighbors to enhance your local community by tidying the area.
  • Join a community garden. Not only do community gardens beautify the community, they provide produce and other goods to local neighborhoods.




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