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Celebrate National Healthy Weight Week

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Content provided by the GBS Health & Wellness Team

The new year may inspire you to reset or change your habits. This can be a great catalyst when approached with a healthy mindset. Get started by celebrating National Healthy Weight Week with a weight-neutral approach. Remember your “ideal” body weight is the weight that allows you to feel strong and capable to bring your best self to your relationships, work, and hobbies. Read through the following suggestions and choose one or two to implement in your daily routine.

  • Sort through social media. Unfollow accounts that leave you feeling bad about your body or that promote dieting or unscientific “wellness” behaviors. Instead, consider following accounts that promote body positivity and self-love/respect.
  • Stop harmful food and diet talk. Resist the urge to comment on another’s body or food choices. Avoid labeling foods as good or bad, and instead create an internal conversation of curiosity around eating foods that will allow you to feel both nourished and satisfied.
  • Own your biases. When you see a person in a larger body, what goes through your mind? Embrace size diversity. Humans come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Seek openness to the beauty found across the spectrum and support others in recognizing their unique attractiveness.
  • Accept your size. Focus on appreciating the body and mind you have and what they allow you to do. Self-acceptance empowers you to move forward and make positive changes.
  • Trust yourself. The human body has internal systems designed to keep us healthy (and at a weight that supports health). Allow your body to naturally find its appropriate weight by honoring its signals of hunger, fullness, and appetite.
  • Adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Develop and nurture connections with others and look for purpose and meaning in your life. Fulfilling your social, emotional, and spiritual needs elsewhere takes the pressure off food to satisfy these basic needs.
  • Reframe your identity. Consider identifying positive affirmations to repeat daily such as:
    • “My appearance and weight do not indicate my level of health.”
    • “I am a positive, happy, healthy individual.”
    • “I take care of my body and value what it does for me.”
  • Choose intuitive eating over dieting. Rather than focus on dieting, consider healthy eating patterns that can be maintained on a long-term daily basis. Read this article for more information about intuitive eating.

Wellbeing and healthy habits are more important than body size and shape. Allowing yourself to think this way can be freeing and exciting.



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