Healthy Habits

Breathe Easy

Content Provided by the GBS Health & Wellness Team

As spring continues to bloom, pay attention to the surrounding environment and make a personal commitment to live mindfully.

Physical – Instead of driving, choose to walk or bike. Both are environmentally friendly and are also great options for a daily workout.

Intellectual – Learn new ways to help reduce air pollution in your community, such as conserving energy or combining or eliminating errands to cut down on time spent idling. Minimize exposure to air pollution when outdoor levels are particularly high.

Emotional – Reduce the stress of daily commuting and find alternative methods of transportation, such as utilizing public transportation or carpooling at least once a week.

Social – Collect unwanted appliances, tools, books, toys, and clothes to donate to a local church, community center, thrift store, or other organization of your choice. This prevents usable goods from going into landfills and helps those in need.

Environmental – Breathe easy and avoid unnecessary idling of vehicles. Reducing idle time can help with air pollution and save on fuel costs.

Financial – Research public transportation options instead of driving to work each day. This will help reduce wear and tear and save on vehicle maintenance expenses. Consider purchasing a yearly public transportation pass for additional savings.

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