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Brain Gains


Content Provided by the GBS Health & Wellness Team

Recent studies from Harvard Medical School have shown mental activity can be just as essential for cognitive health as physical activity is for the body. It is important to find intellectual stimulation both internally and externally.

Internal stimulation may be found through meditation, puzzles, and reading. External stimulation can be found through occupation, education, and social activities.

There are many ways to achieve brain gains. Making sure the activity is enjoyable can make exercising the brain fun and effortless!

Here are some ways you can achieve intellectual stimulation and help enhance your overall cognitive health.

Start Writing

Writing in any form can be a beneficial component of staying intellectually stimulated. Different forms of writing include creative stories, personal journaling, or following a prompt. Try exploring different prompts to spark inspiration when writing. For ideas to get started, visit

Crave Constructive Feedback

To stay intellectually stimulated, self-reflect and be willing to step outside  your comfort zone. Welcome constructive feedback with open arms. Constructive criticism can provide a new perspective, shed light, and promote intellectual growth.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can provide clarity. Acknowledging weaknesses can bring awareness to faults and provide an opportunity to self-correct. Acknowledging strengths can provide an opportunity to apply those strengths and traits to your occupation, education, and relationships.

Never Stop Learning

Continued education creates stimulation and cultivates new skills. Both are important for being a more well-rounded human being and promoting brain health with age.

Brain Exercises

Doing simple exercises to promote cognitive health can help keep your brain sharp and young. Try learning a new language, practicing sudoku, memorizing a grocery list, drawing a map from recall, taking a cooking class, math without a calculator, and even learning a new sport.

Helpful Tool: Check out the National Institute for Aging website for additional ways to promote cognitive health and further information on the importance of intellectual stimulation.


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