Healthy Habits

Get Back in the Black

Content provided by the GBS Health & Wellness Team

November is a month where elections take place, holiday shopping begins, and family and friends come together. During this busy time, stay financially savvy by sticking to a budget and being a smart shopper.

Physical – Money may not buy happiness, but studies show a relationship with money can impact one’s health. Research has demonstrated a clear correlation between stress about money and poor physical and psychological health. Try making one financial decision at a time, track spending, and ask for help when needed. 

Intellectual – Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Take time to become smarter with money and finances and identify how to accomplish your goals.

Emotional – Emotions impact finances and finances impact emotions. Write down how each affects the other currently and look for ways to make impactful changes in healthy ways.

Social – Explore different ways to connect with others socially while distancing and saving money. Consider an online meeting and experiment with a new recipe, play games, listen to music, and simply catch up.

Environmental – Keep it eco-friendly and save money by using reusable water bottles, purchasing a programable thermostat, and replacing regular light bulbs with LED options. Consider environmentally friendly options the next time a purchase needs to be made which may eventually lead to savings down the road.

Financial – Getting back in the black or simply put, out of debt, can be difficult. Use this month to identify ways to pay off credit cards, set a budget and stick to it, and look for deals when shopping.

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