Employee Benefits Compliance, Preventive Services

Revised CCIIO Guidance on First-Dollar Coverage of Contraceptive Services

This bulletin was originally issued on February 10, 2012, to describe the temporary enforcement safe harbor. In reissuing this bulletin, CMS is not changing the February 10 policy; it is only clarifying three points:
(1) that the safe harbor is also available to non-profit organizations with religious objections to some but not all contraceptive coverage, as clarified herein;
(2) that group health plans that took some action to try to exclude or limit contraceptive coverage that was not successful as of February 10, 2012, are not for that reason precluded from eligibility for the safe harbor, as clarified herein; and
(3) that the safe harbor may be invoked without prejudice by non-profit organizations that are uncertain whether they qualify for the religious employer exemption, as clarified herein. 
Organizations that have already completed the certification or issued the notice from the February 10, 2012 bulletin are not required by this revised bulletin to recertify or reissue the notice.” (Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight)