Benefits Compliance

Health Savings Accounts – 2013 Dollar Amounts

IRS Rev. Proc 2012-26 (May 3, 2012) provides the 2013 inflation adjusted amounts for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as determined under Internal Revenue Code section 223, and for “high deductible health plans” (HDHPs) as defined under IRC section 223(c)(2)(A). The amounts for 2012 and 2013 are shown below, separately for individual coverage and for family coverage.  The far-right column shows the increase from 2012-2013.
Type of Dollar Limit
2012 Limit
2013 Limit
Increase from 2012
H.S.A. Maximum annual contribution, individual coverage*
$ 3,100
$ 3,250
H.S.A. Maximum annual contribution, family coverage*
$ 6,250
$ 6,450
HDHP Minimum deductible, individual coverage
$ 1,200
$ 1,250
$  50
HDHP Minimum deductible, family coverage
$ 2,400
$ 2,500
HDHP Maximum out-of-pocket amount, individual coverage
$ 6,050
$ 6,250
HDHP Maximum out-of-pocket amount, family coverage
H.S.A. annual “catch-up” contribution, only for account holders who will be at least age 55 by December 31st and are not enrolled in Medicare
$  1,000
$  1,000
No change

* If an annual H.S.A. contribution is made that exceeds the applicable limit above, the account holder must pay a 6% excise tax on the excess amount plus any net earnings attributable to the excess. This 6% excise tax applies each year that the excess contributions (and earnings thereon) remain in the account.  To avoid the excise tax for any year, the account holder must request and receive a distribution prior to the tax return due date (including any extension) for that year.