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Uncover The Hidden Haunts Inside Your House

home decorated for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, with all things creepy, fun, and in between. While you enjoy this season’s traditions, don’t forget to uncover the hidden haunts inside your home. Here’s what to watch for — don’t get spooked along the way!

Get rid of termites, mice, or bats creeping around!
Homeowners insurance generally doesn’t cover damage caused by animals, including rats, termites, bees, bats, bed bugs, or other infestations, except under an extremely rare set of circumstances. Pest control is part of your responsibility as a homeowner – just like repairing leaky faucets and keeping the roof in good repair. Click here for tips on keeping pests out of your home.

Clean up mold lurking in dark spaces!
Gradual water damage, which can lead to mold growth in your home, is generally not covered by a standard homeowners policy. This type of damage occurs over time due to unresolved maintenance issues or long-standing problems that go undetected. Avoid water damage and keep the mold out of your home with these tips.

Watch out for monster messes when pipes or sump pumps work in reverse!
Sewer line and sump pump backups are normally excluded from standard homeowners policies. If your sewer line or sump pump backs up and floods your basement, water backup coverage can help cover the cost of cleanup and repairs. Talk with your insurance agent to have this optional coverage added to your policy. Learn more about what is covered when it comes to water damage.

Protect your home from Halloween tricksters.
Make-believe ghosts, witches, and zombies roam the streets on Halloween, but this holiday is no joke when it comes to crime. Crime-related insurance claims spike significantly on Halloween, particularly theft and vandalism. Vandalism and mischief resulting in the destruction of property is typically covered by insurance, as is theft. Protect your home while you are away with these tips.

Keep your home in tip-top shape and eliminate drafts, creaky doors, and flickering lights.
Maintenance issues are typically not covered under homeowners insurance. Click here for tips on keeping your home in good repair.

Replace DEAD batteries in fire or CO2 alarms!
Don’t let a low battery in your fire or CO2 alarm keep you up at night. Keep your family safe and protect your home by properly installing and maintaining these alarm systems. Learn more here.

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