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Protect Your Home Against Wildfires


Wildfire Facts

  • Ember attacks are the main way homes are set on fire during a wildfire.
  • A home is at risk of ember attack for about 30 minutes before the fire front arrives and up to eight hours after the fire front passes.
  • Homes and structures with non-flammable roofing and with defensible space of at least 30 feet have an 85 to 95 percent chance of survival in a wildfire situation.

Protecting Your Home

In wildfire situations, most homes are not destroyed by the initial fire front of the wildfire but by the embers from that fire.  Creating defensible space around your home and regular clean-up of vegetation and flammable materials will lessen the opportunity for those embers to cause another fire.

Here are a few recommendations for protecting your home against wildfire:

  • Use fire-resistant materials when possible (especially on the roof of your home).
  • Create a safety zone around your home by clearing leaves, dead limbs, and other flammable vegetation. If you live in a community at risk of wildfire,  FEMA recommends creating a 30- to 100-foot zone around your home.
  • Remove leaves and debris from roof, gutters, vents, and under structures.
  • Safely store flammable items such as gasoline and oily rags in approved safety cans and away from your home or other structures.
  • Keep a garden hose within easy access. It should be long enough to reach any area of your home and all structures on your property.
  • Prune trees and bushes regularly to keep them clear of power lines and chimney outlets. Remove dead branches that extend over the roof.

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