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Personal Liability Protection

Personal liability protection is part of your homeowners insurance policy and covers you against lawsuits for injury or property damage that you or your family members cause to other people.  It also pays for damages caused by your pets.  The coverage will pay for legal defense costs as well as any damages the court rules you must pay.  There is no deductible requirement for liability insurance. 
What is covered by personal liability insurance? 
Most standard homeowners policies provide a basic limit of liability of at least $100,000 for property damages or injuries.  In addition, medical payments coverage is included in most policies and reimburses you for basic medial bills incurred under a liability claim, such as a neighbor being bit by your dog or being injured on your property.
How much personal liability insurance do I need? 
Consider the property and investments you own that are worth a significant amount.  What would be at stake if you had a claim or lawsuit filed against you?  You should purchase enough personal liability insurance to protect these assets.  The standard amount that is included in your homeowners policy might be sufficient to meet your needs.  However, if the value of your assets exceeds the value of the coverage, you need to consider a higher limit.
How can I secure more coverage?
You may be able to obtain additional liability coverage by simply increasing the amount of liability insurance on your homeowners policy.  You should also consider an umbrella policy, which is an inexpensive way to obtain a significantly higher amount of coverage.Source:

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