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Knowing When to Submit an Insurance Claim

More important than knowing how to submit a claim is knowing when to submit a claim and what type of events are covered under your policy.

First, it is critical to understand the purpose of insurance, which is designed to cover losses that are unexpected, accidental, or catastrophic (such as a fire, theft, or natural disaster). Everyday maintenance, for example, is not covered by your insurance policy. Likewise, damage that results from a lack of maintenance may not be covered either.

Fixing leaky pipes or an aging roof, for example, are not sudden or unexpected occurrences, and so the homeowner must arrange for these types of repairs before they cause major damage. At the same time, if a homeowner does all they can to winterize their home, then expenses related to a burst pipe will typically be covered. The more a homeowner can do to prevent serious damage to their property through regular maintenance, the better off they will be if a sudden or accidental loss occurs. If you are faced with a loss, make sure to initiate the claims process right away and retain any documentation of the loss and related expenses.


If you have any questions about when to submit a claim or about your specific policy, contact your Leavitt Group insurance advisor.

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