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Warning Signs of Workers Compensation Fraud

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Employee or claimant fraud accounts for about 20 percent of all workers compensation claims paid.* Protect your company from costly claims by recognizing the following signs of insurance fraud:

  • There is no witnesses of the accident or it happened outside normal working hours.
  • It is difficult or impossible to reach the employee.
  • The accident wasn’t reported until days after it happened.
  • The employee changes his or her story about the accident.
  • The employee shows no interest in returning to work even when accommodations to the injury are made.
  • The employee frequently changes physicians.
  •  The employee has a past history of workers compensation claims.


Keep Your Employees Safe & Premiums Low

By Improving safety procedures, you can reduce risks, prevent accidents, and keep your insurance premiums low. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Identify safety risks specific to your type of business, and conduct a hazard assessment to identify areas needing improvement.
  • Educate employees on maintaining an orderly job site.
  • Integrate ergonomics into company safety and health programs.
  • Implement a safety incentive program to reinforce safe work practices.
  • Give safety programs priority with other cost reduction, productivity, and quality efforts. Expect full cooperation from your workforce.

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