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Winterizing on a Budget

Winterize Cabin


Successfully winterizing your home can save you money and hassle in the long run. Here are some tips to help you get your home ready for winter without breaking the bank.

  • Make sure your doors have a tight seal. If there are gaps, install weather stripping – A roll of insulation tape usually costs less than $5.
  • Double check all windows in your home to ensure they are closed properly and locked. This one is totally free! If you happen to find any cracks in the window frames, some $5 caulk can be easily applied.
  • Get a door snake – these strips of foam attach to the bottom of your exterior doors and go a long way in keeping cold air out and warm air in. They’ll cost you about $10 each. You can also use towels or other items if you don’t want to purchase anything.
  • Fill in any exposed entry points around pipes and vents. You can buy a can of spray foam insulation for around $10.
  • Cover windows and unused glass doors. You can buy plastic coverings for less than $10 or you could use sheets or blankets instead.
  • Turn down the thermostat. Experts say the ideal thermostat temperature is 68 degrees. Even better, splurge on a programmable thermostat – there is some cost up front, but there are big long-term savings.
  • Replace your furnace filter regularly. Filters are generally quite inexpensive, and a clean filter will help your furnace work more efficiently.
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