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Things You Shouldn’t Leave in Your Car When it’s Freezing

Cell phones and other electronic devices

  • Cell phones shouldn’t be operated at temperatures lower than 32 degrees. Batteries are particularly vulnerable to the cold. Usually, phones will begin working again once the temperature rises, but repeated exposure to freezing temperatures can cause permanent damage.

Canned groceries

  • The liquids in canned food will expand when frozen, often causing a broken seal which can result in spoilage. It is recommended that canned food be stored at or above 50 degrees. If the seams of a can have burst, it is advisable to throw it out immediately.

Soda and other carbonated beverages

  • Coco-Cola will freeze at 30 degrees and beer that’s 5% alcohol will freeze at 27 degrees. In any case, cans will explode and make a pretty big mess.


  • Temperatures below 59 degrees can alter the effectiveness of medications.

Musical instruments

  • Wooden items contract when they freeze, which results in musical instruments getting out of tune. Even worse, freezing temperatures can also cause cracks and breaks that will require professional repairs.

Low gas tank

  • Having a low gas tank can result in several problems, including breakdown of the gasoline and condensation build-up that can harm the fuel pump. Modern engines have eliminated some of these problems, but it’s still a good idea to keep your tank full.
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