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The “Science” Behind Procrastination


“Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.” ~ Charles Dickens

Do you struggle with procrastination? If so, you are not alone – statistics show that about 20 percent of the population procrastinates to some degree. There are a variety of reasons behind procrastination, including having unclear goals, being over-committed, and fear of failure. But have you ever considered that your brain might be programmed to procrastinate? That is what this Harvard Business Review article suggests is the main cause of procrastination.

According to the article “we all tend to struggle with tasks that promise future upside in return for efforts we take now.” We tend to perceive the immediate hassle of doing a task as being bigger than the future benefit of actually completing the task. This article suggests that we can stop our tendency to procrastinate by making “the benefits of the action feel bigger, and the costs of the action feel smaller.”

Click here to view the full article and learn more about ways you can stop procrastinating.

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