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Fitness in Fall


As the temperatures and leaves begin to drop this fall season, so too does the motive to exercise.

An increase in obstacles such as snow, high-winds, less daylight, and holiday sweets can make fitness nearly impossible to achieve. However, rather than allowing fall to be the end-all to fitness until warm weather returns, Galtime from Huffington Post proposes 10 tips for all who seek to have a healthier, more active season.

  1. Enjoy the colors.
    Amid the colorful ambiance of fall, nature never had it so good. Donate some time to mother nature by taking out those headphones and enjoying the bright scenery she has to offer.
  2. Wear layers.
    If and when you do venture outside, be sure to wear just enough so as not to get chilly. For where the body loses the most heat: cover up!
  3. Be safe.
    Fall and winter days mean less daylight. Yet, don’t let this prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. As a precaution: always wear reflective/visible clothing, opt to choose more illuminated paths, and avoid being alone.
  4. Do as the kids do.
    Since they’ll be school, why shouldn’t you? This season, look for a fun/insightful class or two.
  5. Enjoy simple work outs at home.
    Push-ups, planks, crunches and squats! What more do you need? There are plenty of online resources for different exercises you can easily perform at home.
  6. Get the right gear. 
    Sometimes a good workout calls for a little more than your own body weight. However, so you don’t burn a hole in the pocket, just get what you need.
  7. Suspend your gym membership.
    Don’t have time for the gym? Save money by “freezing” your membership.
  8. Enjoy seasonal produce.
    Tis the season for fresh deals on apples, pears, squash, and more. Don’t wait!
  9. Buy a bike.
    If you are looking to purchase a new bike, now is the best time. Educate yourself on upcoming deals and go bike hunting as new models come in.
  10. Weigh yourself regularly.
    With bulky clothes and heavy meals, it can be easy to overlook those few extra pounds. Keep yourself in check by regularly gauging your body measurements (weight, fat %, BMI, etc.)

For a full reading on Huffington Post’s article, click here.

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