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Start Today with a Better Morning Routine

morning routine

How did your morning go today? Did you hit snooze a few times and then spend the rest of the morning in a rush to get out the door? If so, you may find that the rest of your day seems rushed and not as productive as it could be. The way you start your morning can have a pretty big impact on how the rest of the day goes. Simple changes to your morning routine can actually leave you feeling more energy through the day, more productive, and more happy.

This article by Matt Mayberry gives seven great tips for starting your day out right. These simple tips may be what you have been looking for to make your mornings and days go better:

  • Stop telling yourself you aren’t a morning person.
  • Wake up two hours early.
  • Drink water as soon as you get up.
  • Read something inspiring.
  • Feed your soul with solitude.
  • Do some type of physical activity.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.

Check out all seven tips and their benefits at If you can’t make seven changes all at once, pick one or two that seem manageable and go from there. Here’s to better mornings!

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