Your Life

Be Kind!


Each day we are faced with situations that try our patience in how we react. Being kind isn’t always easy, and there are certain predicaments that make it even harder. Our reaction can either diffuse the situation and turn a negative outcome into a positive one, or it can make things significantly worse. This article offers the following seven tips for being kind, even when it’s really really hard.

  1. Don’t get caught in a trap thinking your agenda is more important than everyone else’s.
  2. Know what triggers your own frustration and decide how you are going to handle those triggers ahead of time.
  3. Suspend personal judgement and approach situations with an open heart and mind.
  4. Watch your mouth (and your body language).
  5. Look for the positive and then share it.
  6. Do a personal reset if you find yourself heading in a negative direction when interacting with others.
  7. Don’t abuse your power.

Click here to view the full article with more ideas on implementing these suggestions.

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