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The Leavitt Group Bonds the Demolition of the Sea Shadow

The Leavitt Group’s Concord office is pleased to have bonded Bay Ship & Yacht Co. on the demolition of the Sea Shadow, an experimental stealth ship built by Lockheed Martin for the United States Navy in the mid-1980s.  
“It was incredible to help on this project,” said John Daley, vice president of surety for the Leavitt Group’s Concord office. “The Sea Shadow is such an interesting part of our nation’s history.”
The purpose of this super-secret ship was to develop the SWATH hull form, Automated Control Systems, Thermal, Sonic, and Radar reflective technologies.  The Navy sold the Sea Shadow and its dry dock to Bay Ship & Yacht in 2012 with the requirement that the buyer dismantle and scrap the vessel.
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