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Leavitt Group Partners Conference 2024 — Awards Recap!

The 2024 Leavitt Group Partners Conference was held June 11 – June 14 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was an outstanding success! This year’s conference continued our tradition of recognizing and celebrating the dedication and achievements of our agencies and employees over three action-packed days. We extend heartfelt congratulations to all the 2024 honorees and award recipients. Your hard work and commitment are truly commendable.

Kelly R. Russell Agency Excellence Awards

Agency Excellence Awards – Revenue less than $2mm

  • Dick Moore Insurance
  • Dott Insurance
  • Enroll 365
  • Leavitt Coastal Valley Insurance Services
  • Leavitt Group of Western Utah
  • Leavitt Group of Winslow
  • Leavitt Inland Pacific
  • Leavitt Insurance Agency of Central Utah
  • Lincoln-Leavitt Insurance
  • Lower Valley Brokers Insurance Agency
  • McClain Insurance
  • Nasburg Huggins Insurance
  • Nebo-Leavitt Insurance
  • Redwoods Leavitt Insurance
  • Sorensen-Leavitt Insurance
  • Stephens & Hobdy Insurance

Agency Excellence Awards – Revenue between $2mm and $6mm

  • ARCW Insurance
  • Barlocker Insurance Services
  • BB&H Benefit Designs
  • Berrian Insurance Group
  • BTJ Insurance
  • Ewing-Leavitt Insurance
  • First Independent Agency
  • GBS Arizona
  • GBS Colorado
  • GBS Retire
  • Hancock-Leavitt Insurance
  • Hennessey, Thames & Leavitt
  • Kysar Millennium Leavitt
  • Leavitt Central Coast Insurance Services
  • Leavitt Group Insurance of Vernal
  • Leavitt Group of Northern Arizona
  • Leavitt Group of Portland
  • Leavitt Group Southwest
  • Leavitt Group Texas Select
  • Pacific Risk Management, Inc.
  • Puffenbarger Insurance
  • Sloan-Leavitt Insurance
  • Wasatch Leavitt Insurance

Agency Excellence Awards – Revenue over $6mm

  • All About Insurance
  • Dixie Leavitt Agency
  • Farm Creek Insurance
  • Farmer Woods Group
  • GBS Benefits
  • Griffin Owens Insurance Group
  • Leavitt Elite Insurance Advisors
  • Leavitt Great West Insurance
  • Leavitt Group Northwest
  • Leavitt Group of Colorado
  • Leavitt Insurance & Central Bonds
  • Leavitt Insurance Agency
  • Leavitt Pacific Insurance Brokers
  • Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality
  • Powers-Leavitt Insurance
  • Randy Jones & Associates
  • Risk Services of Louisiana
  • Spotts Insurance Group

Agency of the Year Awards

Agency of the Year – Revenue less than $2mm: Nebo-Leavitt Insurance

Agency of the Year – Revenue between $2mm and $6mm: ARCW Insurance

Agency of the Year – Revenue over $6mm: Leavitt Insurance & Central Bonds

Bert J. Leavitt Awards

Bert J. Leavitt Award, Net Book Growth: Tim Woodruff of Powers-Leavitt Insurance

Bert J. Leavitt Award, New Booked Business: Brett Palmer of Leavitt Insurance & Central Bonds

Special Recognition

Chairman’s Award: Dan Nelson of GBS Benefits

Anne O. Leavitt Culture Award: Cory Johnson, Leavitt Great West Insurance

Client Service Recognition Awards

Diamond Club

Top percentile among their peers for book size, including a policies-in-force factor and client retention.

  1. JoAnn Zohner of Powers-Leavitt Insurance
  2. Danise Worwood of Leavitt Insurance & Central Bonds
  3. Kelly Smith of GBS Benefits
  4. Andrea Taylor of Pacific Risk Management Inc.
  5. Kelli Hurst of Archibald Insurance Center
  6. Adam Sinclair of Leavitt Group of Portland
  7. Talon Davis of Wasatch Leavitt Insurance
  8. Valarie Trujillo of Leavitt Insurance & Central Bonds
  9. Debra Molden of GBS Nevada
  10. Bronna Pyle of Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality

Ruby Club

  1. Audra Velasquez of Leavitt Group of Colorado
  2. Shauna Johnson of Dixie Leavitt Agency
  3. Mandy Stallings of Leavitt Insurance & Central Bonds
  4. Shawn Bruhn of Kysar Millennium Leavitt
  5. Tammy Matthews of Hancock-Leavitt Insurance
  6. Kristine Jensen of Wasatch Leavitt Insurance
  7. Kylee Bruderer of GBS Benefits
  8. Tovae Nelson of Pacific Risk Management, Inc.
  9. Marcie McRoberts of GBS Benefits
  10. Tammie Stamp of Leavitt Pacific Insurance Brokers

Sapphire Club

  1. Yolanda Bivins of Sloan-Leavitt Insurance
  2. Lanie Plovanich of Leavitt Great West Insurance
  3. Sonya Case of Dixie Leavitt Agency
  4. Andrea Alexander of GBS Benefits
  5. Sasha Lunt of GBS Benefits
  6. Camille Reynolds of GBS Benefits
  7. Staysha Wilson of Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality
  8. Kirsten Curvin of GBS Benefits
  9. Jana Hinkle of Leavitt Pacific Insurance Brokers
  10. Vicki Vaughan of Pyron Group
  11. Kristi Veale of GBS Benefits
  12. Jaylin Busch of Leavitt Group of Colorado
  13. Sherri Martin of Sloan-Leavitt Insurance
  14. Kerri Archie of Leavitt Insurance Agency
  15. Kelli Sablon of Randy Jones & Associates
  16. Maura Rodriguez of Leavitt Group of Colorado
  17. Melanie Hinckley of Archibald Insurance Center
  18. Shelly Gullick of GBS Arizona
  19. Yupha Sriporn of Leavitt United Insurance Services
  20. Tami Leasure of Leavitt Group Midwest
  21. Katlin Winn of Dixie Leavitt Agency
  22. Lacey Hunter of GBS Benefits
  23. Nancy Rogers of Randy Jones & Associates
  24. Lisa DeGolyer of Archibald Insurance Center
  25. Brook Nielson of Archibald Insurance Center
  26. Kyle Kaethow of Leavitt Group Midwest
  27. Dana Benson of Dixie Leavitt Agency
  28. Cara Kent of Leavitt Group Southwest
  29. Tyann Rossuck of Randy Jones & Associates
  30. Kacee Mock of Archibald Insurance Center
  31. Amanda McRaney of Pyron Group
  32. Shala Pearson of Leavitt United Insurance Services
  33. Dalena Baker of Leavitt Great West Insurance
  34. Tierney Turner of GBS Benefits

Emerald Club

Top five nominations for any service person who made a significant contribution to their agency.

  1. Joyce Hogue of Risk Services-Leavitt
  2. Vickie Ellis of Leavitt Group of Northern Arizona
  3. Holly Cremer of Leavitt Great West Insurance
  4. Lisa Carlton of Randy Jones & Associates
  5. Melanie Hinckley of Archibald Insurance Center

CeCile Webb Client Service Award: JoAnn Zohner of Powers-Leavitt Insurance

Sandra L. Maxwell Service Award: Rachel Talbot of Dixie Leavitt Agency

The Game

Personal Lines Game

We had over $11M in new business premium written by a collective 113 players during the PL Game!

CSR Greatest Hits

Angela Kelley of All About Insurance

$178,908 premium

$500 prize

Rhonda Gimler of Leavitt Group Southwest

$139,679 premium

$400 prize

Raquel Ross of Archibald Insurance Center


$300 prize

Amy Stabnick of First Independent Agency

$136,701 premium

$200 prize

Lisa Houston of Leavitt Elite Insurance

$136,065 premium

$100 prize

Hybrid Greatest Hits

Christopher Johnson of All About Insurance

$508,170 premium

$500 prize

Allison McGinnis of Leavitt Group Midwest

$212,863 premium

$400 prize

Talbot Buys of Hennessey, Thames & Leavitt

$187,323 premium

$300 prize

Kristie Nowicki of Spotts Insurance Group

$183,479 premium

$200 prize

Larina Staeden of BTJ Insurance

$167,978 premium

$100 prize

Producer Greatest Hits

Kirk Clifton of Leavitt United Insurance Services

$729,050 premium

$500 prize

Luis Flores, Jr. of Leavitt Group Enterprises

$449,818 premium

$400 prize

Corinne Lassen of Leavitt Group Enterprises

$281,972 premium

$300 prize

SanJuanita Esteban of All About Insurance

$239,026 premium

$200 prize

Dawson Balzotti of Leavitt Group Enterprises

$226,183 premium

$100 prize

Special Prize

A trip for two winners (plus a guest) to the Travelers Championship in Cromwell, Connecticut, for writing the most with Travelers throughout The Game.

Olesya Beisley and Dawson Balzotti

Commercial Lines and Employee Benefits Game

We had 20 teams and 170 participants battle it out over a four-month period, generating over $7.2mm in new business revenue!

Top Team

My Boo

Nathan Hurst, Leah Bright, Brett Palmer, Christian Kunz, Cameron Colligan, Jason Aiken, Pierce Hornung, Darion Scott, Felix Moesmang

Top Individual

Adam Frugoli of Archibald Insurance Center

Top Acuity Producer in The Game

Matt Onufrak of Farm Creek Insurance

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