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Texting & Driving – Lead by Example

Leading by example is essential in teaching others to refrain from texting and driving.

While teaching your kids not to text and drive might seem like an easy principle to teach at first, you may–unknowingly–be leading by the wrong example.

Here are five instances from End Text Wrecks and KSL where you may be doing just that:

  1. You text while you drive
  2. You check your phone at stoplights
  3. You answer your phone in the car
  4. You’ve trained your kids to respond immediately
  5. You haven’t had a clear conversation with your kids about distracted driving

Check out the full article on by following this link: 5 ways you’re unknowingly encouraging your kids to text and drive.

If you are wanting to learn more about End Text Wrecks’ “dance the wookie” campaign against distracted driving, please visit their website at

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