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Scheduled Personal Property — Computer Insurance You Really Need

Computers - scheduled personal property insurance

When something happens to your laptop, will your homeowner’s insurance help pay for a new one? If you have a standard policy form, maybe not. The standard policy covers personal property of all types for specific causes of loss. This includes things like fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm, and theft. It does not list the other common causes of computer loss. If someone steals a laptop from a dorm room, the policy will provide coverage. If the student drops it and cracks the screen, there is no coverage.

For a relatively small cost, homeowners, renters, and students can insure their important but delicate belongings against thefts and accidents.

The same is true for other high-priced personal property. The relatively small cost of Scheduled Personal Property coverage for your jewelry, antiques, collections, fine art, and so on is well worth the peace of mind. Call us to see if you can benefit from adding scheduled personal property coverage for your valuable belongings.

scheduled personal property coverage


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