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Valentine’s: A Day of Friendship and Love

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate those you love and appreciate. You can make it a special day of friendship and love for anyone by following the unique ideas below. This applies to children, friends, or your significant other.

Fun Activities for Valentine’s Day

  1. Go ice or roller skating
  2. Go to a comedy show
  3. Go to a coffee shop and bring a deck of cards
  4. Go hiking or snowshoeing
  5. Go to brunch
  6. Try something new (horseback riding, indoor skydiving)
  7. Make sugar cookies
  8. Have a movie night and themed dinner at home
  9. Recreate your first date (or another special moment)
  10. Take a tour of an unexplored town or venue
  11. Sign up for a cooking class
  12. Have a ‘remembering night’ where you pull out old pictures, videos, and mementos
  13. Volunteer together at a soup kitchen or animal shelter
  14. Make a fire and enjoy some s’mores
  15. Hit up a food truck and explore your city

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The Start of Us Star Map

Take it back to the beginning and capture memorable moments forever with a print of the night sky where it all began. That goes for weddings, birthdays, or any special date. Check out the following sites for ideas:





100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

If they enjoy watching movies, this gift will help mix things up. Uncommongoods.com has a solid list of movie classics, or there are a variety of options on amazon.com.


Custom Photo Puzzle

Create a custom puzzle collage of your favorite moments and enjoy working on it together. If separated by distance, order two copies. When finished you can have it framed.




Carry-on Suitcase with Travel Arrangements

Maybe it’s time to go on that trip they’ve been dreaming of, or just have a fun weekend away. Book those tickets and find an inexpensive carry-on to aid in the surprise. Then reveal where you’re headed or keep it a surprise (you may want to include a list of things they’ll want to bring).

Scavenger Hunt

If you decide on traditional candies or gifts, prepare a scavenger hunt to add some excitement. The following links have free printable templates and can be modified for children or adults:



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