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TELADOC — Adding Value to Your Group Benefits Plan


What is Teladoc?

Teladoc is a discount health benefit that provides users with the ability to have a doctor’s visit over the phone to diagnose common illnesses and ailments. Users are able to speak with a board-certified physician located in their state. During phone calls, physicians are able to diagnose illnesses, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication when appropriate.

Teladoc is designed for medical diagnosis and treatment of common conditions such as cold and flu symptoms, bronchitis, allergies, poison ivy, pink eye, urinary tract infection, respiratory infection, sinus problems, ear infection, and many other nonemergency acute medical conditions.

It is important to note that doctors will not prescribe any controlled substances via Teladoc. Also, if the symptoms they discuss with the patient are of a more serious nature and they don’t feel comfortable making a diagnosis, the Teladoc physician will recommend that the patient go to their local doctor’s office for further evaluation.

Teladoc Benefits

Teladoc has a variety of benefits for both employers and employees.

Employer Benefits

  • Save on claims – use of Teladoc does not count as a claim on group health insurance plans.
  • Improve productivity – saves time employees may have spent at the doctor’s office during work hours.
  • Decrease absenteeism – when employees are able to seek immediate diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, they are able to recuperate and return to work sooner.
  • Promote employee wellness.

Employee Benefits

  • No consultation fee or co-pay required to use Teladoc.
  • No usage limit.
  • 24/7 access to physicians.
  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary doctor’s office or ER visits.
  • Convenient – use from home, while traveling, and when primary care physician is unavailable.

With rising health care costs and changes associated with the Affordable Care Act, many employers are moving their group health plans to high-deductible health plans and/or health savings accounts. With these changes, consumers are responsible for paying 100 percent of the cost of doctor visits. On average, the cost of a doctor’s office visit is $100. Using Teladoc saves consumers that cost and oftentimes yields a faster diagnosis and treatment recommendation than that of a traditional doctor’s office visit.

Cost of Teladoc

The base fee for Teladoc is $10 per month per user. This includes unlimited calls using the service. There are other benefit discount products available that can be packaged with the Teladoc service. When packaged with additional services, the fee for Teladoc will be discounted. Other services that can be packaged with Teladoc include discount dental program, discount vision program, discount pharmacy, LifeLock (identity theft protection), and roadside assistance.

Even with insurance, health care can be costly—the average annual out-of-pocket health care cost for a family of four is $3,600 (2013 McMillian Medical Index). Discount benefits and products add value to your group benefits health plan and save money for both you and your employees.