Healthy Habits

The Six Dimensions of Wellbeing — Financial

Content provided by the GBS Health & Wellness Team

April has been recognized as National Stress Awareness Month since 1992, and it is no coincidence that the end of tax season notoriously falls within this month as well. Millions of Americans struggle with stress management, often because of financial fears. Find ways to reduce stress this month by becoming financially savvy, building a solid savings account, and utilizing healthy coping strategies.

Social – Maintain a budget by planning a free date night or get-together with friends! Stay in to watch a movie, play games, or cook together. Focus on fun activities that don’t include spending large amounts of money.

Emotional – Building up a substantial savings account can bring peace of mind and significantly reduce stress. Work towards a brighter financial future by creating specific financial goals, tracking expenses, and maintaining a budget.

Environmental – Save money on energy bills by reducing household energy usage. Hang clothes to dry, adjust the thermostat one to two degrees, or switch out light bulbs for energy efficient options.

Physical – Chronic stress can take a toll on your body and eventually lead to chronic disease. Reduce tension levels by incorporating three habits that promote a moment of peace throughout the day.

Financial – Try a few apps that simplify saving money, such as Acorns, Robinhood, or Digit.

Intellectual – Take time to learn about financial options, such as investment opportunities, creating a budget, or learning the best way to build a savings account. This knowledge can be empowering!

Did You Know? An easy way to build an emergency fund or savings account is to set aside a small amount of money each day. For example, saving $5 a day for six months adds up to over $900; while saving $5 each day for a year adds up to $1,825!

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