Healthy Habits

Staying Socially Healthy During the Holiday Season

Content provided by the GBS Health & Wellness Team

Make this December one to remember (in a good way)! Take the unexpected shift in routine and tradition to be more mindful on how this holiday season is celebrated and to give thought to serve those in your social circle.

Physical – Bundle up and walk outdoors with a friend or family member. Follow recommended precautions and safely visit with one another while getting in some exercise.

IntellectualOne component of emotional intelligence is relationship management. Enhance skills by conversing with undivided attention and practicing mindful listening. Be sure not to change the subject to a personal or relatable story but to invest interest in the current conversation.

Emotional – Spend time acknowledging feelings when isolated. Consider why there are such emotions and what can be done to alleviate negative feelings and enhance positive ones. Be supportive to those going through a difficult time and offer emotional support to help brighten someone’s day.

Social – Make an effort to stay connected while current precautionary recommendations suggest keeping social gatherings to a minimum. Ways to stay in touch could be sending a hand-written note, making a personal DIY gift, trying a new recipe together virtually, or hosting a virtual game night. Have fun with it and explore other ideas in addition to these!

Environmental – Think about alternate methods for social gatherings, such as a Zoom night instead of meeting a group of friends at a specific location. Less time in the car may be safer for health and better for the environment.

Financial – Take the money that would have been spent on hosting a holiday gathering and donate it to a local charity. Also, make budgeting a social activity for the new year. Bounce ideas off friends and family members when mapping out finances and do the same for them.

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