Healthy Habits

Intellectual Health – Avoid the Brain Drain

Content provided by the Health & Wellness Team at GBS Benefits

Preventing workplace burnout and increasing intellectual wellness are two important aspects of wellness as they help achieve a more balanced life. August is National Wellness Month and observers are encouraged to create healthy routines and promote healthy habits. This month take action to seek out new skills and experiences to expand intellectual wellness and prevent workplace burnout.

Physical – Exercise has been shown to improve brain health and indirectly stimulate memory capacity by reducing stress and anxiety. Boost brain function by trying something new such as swimming, cycling, kayaking, hiking, or HIIT training.

Intellectual – A large vocabulary can expand abstract thinking, increase processing speed, and enhance career success. Learn a new word each day by downloading the app “Word of the Day.”

Emotional – Try to recognize emotions and feelings as they occur. This helps the brain process, cope, and prevent emotional burnout as it works through daily events.

Social – It is important to find a balance between positive, mood-boosting connections and overwhelming social interactions. Avoid burnout in the workplace by scheduling time to recenter and take a break from the group setting.

Environmental – Learning a new skill can enhance brain activity and overall health. Spend time outside this month and learn to garden, rock climb, fly fish, trail run, or fly a kite.

Financial – Learn something new to become financially savvy. Take an online investment course or research ways to pay off debt. This can increase overall wellness by decreasing stress and anxiety levels.

Did You Know? Intellectual health is the result of continual growth in understanding, learning new skills, and challenging oneself. One way to promote intellectual health is by being exposed to new ideas, people, and beliefs. Look for opportunities to do this by visiting with coworkers, attending community events, or learning about different cultures.

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