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Content provided by the Health & Wellness Team at GBS Benefits

Finding a strong sense of community is a key ingredient to enjoying a fulfilling life. Connection builds relationships that provide a deeper sense of belonging and purpose. In an age when digital connections are available 24 hours a day, many have grown increasingly disconnected from the people directly  surrounding them. Luckily, it’s never too late to connect with your community.

Community involvement not only helps individuals give back but allows them to meet new people and contribute to positive change. It also provides a place to safely share opinions and exposes the diversity, talent, and interests of others within the community. Getting involved in your community allows you to take pride in its success and celebrate its victories. As more people get involved, bonds and companionships form, which creates a happy place to live.

We each belong to a community and have the opportunity to make it a place we enjoy. Contributing to a community with similar attitudes, values, and goals is a gratifying part of life.

Communities can be built and shaped in many ways. They can be virtual, local, driven by one individual or whole committees. There are no rules to finding the right community. Don’t be afraid to look beyond the typical definition of community to find the support and connections that are right for you.

Let’s review some ways to connect with your community!

Get Organized

Host a BBQ, potluck, book club, or block party. Schedule play dates at the park or create a walking group.

Get Involved

Attend your local city council and / or school board meetings and get to know what’s going on in your community.

Look Up

When walking your dog or heading to the car, take a moment to look up from your phone and glance around the neighborhood. Strike up a conversation with a neighbor or at least make eye contact and smile to those heading to work or watering their plants.

Join a Class or Group

Many recreation or community centers offer classes to help others expand their talents. Take up cooking, painting, or photography. Join a local sports league!


Schools, hospitals, retirement homes, community centers, sporting organizations, and animal shelters are just a few places that frequently need volunteers.

Be Kind

The next time you are mowing your lawn, pulling weeds, or bringing the trash can in from the curb, consider doing the same for a neighbor. This simple gesture can brighten someone’s day.

Attend Local Events

Look for local music and arts festivals, farmers markets, outdoor movie viewings, antique car shows, or other fun events that may be taking place.

Start a Club

Not finding a group that interests you? There may be others in the same boat. Start a new club that focuses on a topic that interests you.



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