Healthy Habits

An Attitude of Gratitude

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Content provided by the Health & Wellness Team at GBS Benefits

Don’t reserve giving thanks just for Thanksgiving – instead focus on gratitude each day this month! Showing genuine appreciation can strengthen relationships, and having strong social support is critical when navigating stressful moments.

Physical – Expressing gratitude can boost the immune system, decrease depression, and improve sleep. Create a reminder to reflect each day to find three simple things to be grateful for.

Emotional – People who feel more connected to others have greater empathy, are more trusting and have higher self-esteem. Build strong social connections by making time to regularly check in with friends and family.

Financial – Pay it forward without spending money. Offer to babysit for a neighbor, give a compliment to a coworker, or send a positive test message to a loved one.

Social – Relying on others is an important aspect of building a social network. Keep in mind that you also serve as a form of support for them. Don’t be afraid to provide advice, concern, and help to those in need.

Environmental – Show appreciation by giving back to your community, neighborhood, or favorite organization. Consider cleaning a local park or playground, or volunteer at a local nonprofit.

Intellectual – Part of building a social network is knowing when relationships are no longer having a positive impact. Learn to recognize when relationships are draining, generally negative, or unreliable.

November is National Gratitude Month. Gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Practice expressing gratitude by completing random acts of kindness, thanking a coworker, or keeping a running list of things that made you laugh.

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