Business Insurance

Do I Need a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy?

There are significant differences between auto insurance policies for individuals and businesses. Here are a few tips to help determine which is right for you:

  • Who is registered on the vehicle? If it is registered in the name of the business, you need commercial auto insurance.
  • How is the vehicle used? If you or your employees use the vehicle for business purposes, then you need a commercial policy. Even personal cars may need commercial auto coverage if used frequently for business purposes.
  • What type of vehicle is it? The vehicle type and weight are factors in determining what type of insurance you need. Vehicles heavier than a regular pickup truck or SUV (such as tow trucks, dump trucks, box trucks, food trucks, service / utility vehicles, and semi trucks) will require a commercial auto policy.

Contact your Leavitt Group insurance agent for help determining what type of insurance is right for your situation.
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